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The shockwaves can be delivered in either a radial or focused way depending on the area being treated and the type and severity of the patient’s condition. The applicator is placed on the skin and the shockwaves are passed through the skin, reaching the affected area of the patient’s body quickly and safely. It has been scientifically evaluated and numerous studies on shockwave can be found in various medical journals including; Journal of Orthopedic Research, International Journal of Surgery and the PEDro database. 


Further information can be found at the International Society of Medical Shockwave Therapy at www.shockwavetherapy.org 

Interestingly, shockwaves are not electrical shocks at all; they are actually sound waves that can heal deep and superficial tissue in the body. The sensation of shockwaves feels more like a strong and deep vibration, as there is no electrical current or shock produced.  Shockwave therapy involves the use of short, intense energy waves travelling faster than the speed of sound, which are passed into the affected areas of the body. The shockwaves induce a cavitation around the treatment area, which in turn creates a micro trauma to the site. This causes an

angiogenic effect that triggers an inflammatory response, stimulating blood flow and aiding the healing process by releasing growth factors, increasing cell generation and dissolving calcium deposits.

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